Growing up in Idaho, Erik Boomer learnt how to kayak at a young age. A self supported kayaking trip down the Colorado River at the age of 15 convinced Boomer to pursue kayaking as a profession. Now, with many first descents of rivers and waterfalls to his name,  he specializes in kayaking some of the world’s toughest rivers. He has descended the Stikine in northern BC eight times, and has traveled around the world kayaking. Recently, he was featured as an athlete on the BBC’s  hit television show “Top Gear”.

In 2011, Boomer and John Turk headed out on a 104-day expedition. Traveling by skis until the snow melted, they continued by sea kayak, becoming the first to circumnavigate Ellesmere Island. This accomplishment earned Boomer a nomination for National Geographic’s “Adventurer of the Year” award.

As a professional photographer, his work has appeared in, amongst others: Outside Magazine, The New York Times, and Macleans magazine. In 2010, his photograph became a finalist in the Red Bull Illume competition, and this past year he traveled to Chile as the official photographer for the Whitewater Grand Prix. His personal photography projects have lead him to spend a week living on the streets of DC, and to the largest oil boom town in the USA.

Highlighted Projects